On the 14th of February 2005 we started restoring a new frescoed-ceiling room .

Our very talented artists indicated that the room was built in the 1500. They started restoring  
the central fresco " L'Aurora" done in the 1800 representing a young lady on a dark cloud going
towards a very clear sky accompanied by 4 cherubs carrying beautifully decorated flowers. The
theme was popular in the 1600 and in Rome there is a famous painting "l'Aurora" by the painter
Guido Reni.

ebruary 24th 2005: restoration is finished.

Here is the original fresco, before and after restoration. They have done a great job!
Before restoration
After restoration
The 1500 frescoes were a total discover for us, we never knew underneath the paint we
would have found them!

We are now  slowly restoring the upper decorations, here are some first findings......
During the restoration works, they scratched the upper walls and found original frescoes
made in the early 1500, we never knew about this.....we were very excited about this

The theme is very simple and popular, it represents the landowners - maybe my
ancestors!!! - the Virgin Mary, some farmers with animals in their daily life.
An amazing discover was the marble effect fresco decoration on each original arch.
Isn't it worthwhile????

500 years after we can still admire them...
Update May 3rd:
the scratching and the removal
of the paint on the upper walls
is almost finished: we can see
the decor old 500 years!!!!
Update 28th July: the frescoes
are almost finished,  the results
are stunning, we are very
Last update -  August 3rd:
The works are finished, we are
extremely excited and proud of
what has been done. Our new
Fresco Dining Hall is finished.
The Official Inauguration will
be in September 2005, come
and visit us!
Final update - 16th August
Our new dining room is
finished. We look forward to
having you here and visit us